How others see Agile/Scrum

In our company we have been going through the agile development transition for 1,5 years. The most interesting part of this transition is to see people’s reaction to the change.

Certainly there are negative reactions (a lot) mostly due to lack of understanding or not being able to adapt to a new way of working (somebody moved the cheese…).

But it is heart-warming to see some of the positive feedback, and for all of you involved in similar processes here’s an example:

Personally I think they are the single best thing also. For the last
four months for the first time I have felt like I’m actually in control
of my work. I mean really, really in daily work and in the project time
line I can see where I am, and more importantly I can even affect where
I’m going. And also the feeling of the whole project is better for every
related person.

Good stuff!

This really tells you what Scrum/Agile is all about, being in control of your work and your time at work, and that just feels great! 😉