More Microsoft on Agility

This is one of the 3 (only 3!) points that Kevin Johnson, head of the “Platforms & Services Division” at Microsoft sent in an internal memo.

You can read the whole article here.

“3. Agility: Lay the foundation for accelerating our pace of innovation, including focusing on ways to improve clarity of decision making, drive greater accountability, and reduce layers in the organization so we can move faster. It also means utilizing existing expertise within the division to embrace services — and rapid release cycles that services can enable — to all aspects of our business. Our software + service approach and the expertise we have built in MSN can support innovation agility as we enable the Live era.”

I especially like:
“embrace services — and rapid release cycles that services can enable” — sounds familiar.

It’s not always worth it to listen to MS, but sometimes it is 🙂

Judging by the news below, they really need to be more “agile” to borrow’s Kevin’s own word:

60% of Windows Vista code to re-written

Forbes say Vista not “people ready”

Office delayed too