Reducing waste

Tim Ottinger has a very good observation on his site about the importance of reducing waste and the difficulty of achieving it through Agile in organizations that are just starting. ‘Nuff said.

Agile software development is all about eliminating collateral effort. No unnecessary documents, no unnecessary meetings, no unnecessary code, no unnecessary anythings. The mantra is “maximize the amount of work not done.” You eliminate as much as you can (and no more).

Tim Ottinger: Collateral Effort

One thought on “Reducing waste

  1. One good book about reducing waste is the book “The Toyota Way: Fourteen Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer” by Jeffrey Liker, which describes Toyota’s lean manufacturing system TPS:

    which gave the second place in Fortune’s most admired companies list this year:

    After having read the book, I strongly think that my next car will be a Toyota.

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