Time is up for middle age conceptions of software development

Sometimes it takes time for the full understanding of reality to fall on us. Scratch that. IT ALWAYS TAKES TIME, many times it takes too much time.

David is contributing to shorten that itme in at least one item: the road is over for super-specialists in the software industry. You can and should still be a specialist in one area, but in software (unlike middle age industries, or those that think they are from the middle ages) we need people to understand more than the size and depth of their belly button (pun intended): check David’s post here.

What David says is also valid for other positions/roles/power chairs in software, it’s just that some other positions have already cought up with reality. Like the example of the technical guru who turns into a project manager or the architect who turns into a coder (there’s also the frog that turns into the prince but that’s only in the middle age fairy tales, not in industry).