Belief without proof is dangerous!

Believing in some far-fetched (or indeed any) explanation without having any proof is dangerous. It is dangerous in the case of the flat-earthers and it is dangerous for project leaders and team members.

Whenever a theory emerges why something works (or doesn’t) in your project/company, it is your duty to either prove it right or wrong.

Oh, and by the way: yes, it is indeed true that there are still people who believe the earth is flat!

2 thoughts on “Belief without proof is dangerous!

  1. You hit the nail Jan. “many times it saves time to use their own assumptions instead”. This is what people tend to call “common sense”, but in fact, as Taiichi Ohno said, “Common sense is not common at all”.

    Common sense may be the worst enemy of improvement in today’s business world.

    If you have read “the halo effect” you know what I’m talking about…

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