Nokia goes agile. Will the rest follow?

Ari Jaaksi from is blogging about Scrum in Nokia’s Linux/Open source projects.
Also, Juha-Markus Aalto (of Object development fame) presented what I would call the “Nokia Agile Requirements Model” (and what Dean Leffingwell calls “Lean, Scalable Requirements Model“) at the Object days in Tampere. See the slides here(PDF alert).

With all of this I can only say that Nokia is an exciting place to work at if you are interested in the improvement of our industry!

Now, if only the other Finnish software organization would start following the lead… Yes, you know I mean also the Banks, the Post office, the Tax office and the agonizing slow adopters that are the big consulting firms.

If others start to follow, Finland can become the most exciting place for a software person to work, even better than Silicon Valley!

2 thoughts on “Nokia goes agile. Will the rest follow?

  1. Hi Vasco!

    Well, 3,5 years later, how do you see the situation now?

    Cheers, Erkki P.

  2. Some of the best development teams I’ve seen and worked with are still at Nokia or left just recently with the massive reorganization.

    I think that we as a community have a lot to learn from some of the people that were and are still at Nokia.
    However, I’d not say the same about the current business management team in that company.

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