Meetings are money (lost…)

Time is something that we cannot produce more of. If that’s so why do we still spend so much time on meetings that are not valuable? Would you give me money if I came to you in the middle of the day or better yet, if I sent you a money request through Outlook and all you had to do was press “Accept”?

So why do you accept meetings all the time?

Great presentation by Merlin Mann on preserving your time.

2 thoughts on “Meetings are money (lost…)

  1. Because there is something more valuable, than money and sometimes, more, than time. That is the respect of other people.

    Rejecting the meeting respect may sound as disrespectful as rejecting the friend’s invitation to party (not a really good friend’s). And then there is some fear: Will they call you to the next party? 😉

  2. You can always do what Merlin suggests in the video, instead of accepting the meeting you can ask “What are the one or two things we will discuss in this meeting? Oh, and can we make it 20 min instead of 1 hour?”

    That always works for me 🙂

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