And the mobile OS winner is…. Linux!

And suddenly the smart/super phone market is getting crowded with proper OS-platforms based on Linux!

This is a new one from AAVA Mobile (demo by Intel), a new comer to the mass market stage, but already providing a very cool device (HW-wise) with a powerful OS (Moblin – Linux based and supported by Intel).

If nothing else this proves that Nokia was on the right track already in 2005 when it introduced the first mobile device (Nokia 770) based on Linux.

It’s exciting to see so much dynamism on the Linux Mobile OS front! Certainly makes the PC-based version of Linux much more attractive as well, if nothing else at least as a development platform!

(Disclaimer: I’m a Nokia fan boy 🙂

Here’s the demo video (note the landscape mode focus on this phone, just as in the Nokia N900)