Amazing content created by Agile practitioners can change lives

Have you heard of Scrum? An Agile methodology that swept the world by storm? Or Real Options? An approach that can change you manage risk and value in your projects? Or Impact Mapping? Probably the most revolutionary product management and requirements management approach created in the last 10 years?

You can change people’s lives

I believe that many of the people attending agile conferences around the world have amazing content to share with the world. I have lately tried to help people get started expressing themselves by sharing what they have learned. And some have already done that. But how to help you?

I have been thinking about what are the obstacles that prevent us from taking the steps to start sharing what we have learned. Some of us are busy, maybe too many things started, maybe we dont feel comfortable with being “out there” and potentially being judged by people that we admire?
Honestly, I dont know. The reasons are different for everyone. What I do know is that I can help you by removing some of the obstacles that stand between you and your future audience. The people that will learn from you, from what you have learned,  from what you have achieved. 

My mind was blown today!

This became very obvious to me today when I was talking to Joe Justice of Wikispeed fame, I was so happy to meet him and to be able to tell, him that I had followed his work for a long time and admired his achievements.  But then he surprised me. He told me that he had learned something that he valued from my talk on #NoEstimates!  My mind was blown. Wow! I created something that somebody liked and that someone was an Agile idol of mine?

The thing is, many of you can do the same! By sharing your knowledge and helping people around you do the same you can change people’s lives.

Happy Melly Express: A project to help you

The project that I am working on is

Happy Melly Express. The goal: to help you publish your work, and help your audience grow, touch real people in your community and (probably) change their lives.

Knowledge is a powerful life changer. Remember people believed (knew?) that he Earth was flat, or that waterfall was the right approach to develop software. That has forever changed thanks to people willing to share their stories,  their experience.  When will you do the same?
If you have an idea that can help get Happy Melly Express achieve its purpose share it with me. You can find me on twitter (@duarte_vasco) or via email (duarte_vasco at yahoo).