FREE Agile Retrospectives Program

Agile Retrospectives is all the rage right now for good reason: never before companies and teams had so much understanding how Agile Retrospectives can help companies. However, it’s easy to get sucked into the trend of Agile Retrospectives, run a few sessions, and literally wind up with nothing to show for it. Most Scrum Masters give up, and never realise the benefits of Agile Retrospectives.

With a step-by-step plan, you can start using this program to deliver new results to your organisation or to your clients fast without the costly learning curve of figuring it out on your own. And with my plan in place, your Retrospectives will give your business that much needed boost. 

Some of the pains this course will solve:

  • At the end of your Retrospective you will always have an outcome
  • Even non-talkative team members will participate on the Retrospective
  • Teams will get committed to solve problems
  • You will help your teams to stay focused and tackle issues in an effective way
  • And much more…

We are at the moment preparing a 10 Days FREE Agile Retrospective Program. This is a complete self-study program where you will learn anything that you need to become a great Agile Retrospectives facilitator. For more information check our new program:

10 Days FREE Agile Retrospective Program