The CMMI folks are out to get you! Seriously, they are starting with Scrum, what’s next?

The folks talking about CMMI and Scrum are dangerous! Not the least of which because they miss some of the most basic points about software development! You would think they would know about software, but you would be wrong!

Check this out:

In an article about CMMI and Scrum the site ExecutiveBrief (go there at your own risk) states something like:

There is a tradeoff between cost and quality

The person who wrote that line cannot have written one single line of production code in his/her life! What a f*?€%# idiot (excuse my french, I’m sounding like @bellware).

The point is that quality software is cheaper, not more expensive than crappy software. For everybody: not just the customer, but also the vendor/developer.

When people try to sell you the idea that CMMI and Scrum are complementary they are only disguising Scrum in clothes that are easier to swallow for the gray-suited execs that don’t understand software at all and should have been fired a long time ago!