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I’m looking for an Agile Change Catalyst. Are you that Agile Change Catalyst? Read on!

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In an age where people are saying “Agile is dead”, I think it is important for us to recognize that in practice, what is being said is probably more: “agile is not new, and shiny, so I’m not so enthusiastic about it anymore”. But is this really the end of Agile, or could it be the beginning of its most significant transformation yet?

Think back to Web 2.0, which transformed the internet when the old trend (the web) didn’t seem “shiny” anymore.

What happens often, is that someone is working on the “next wave” even before the previous wave has died down. And then, when it does, the “next” wave comes up and takes over. As a community of practitioners we’re ALWAYS EVOLVING. In fact the world at large is the most AGILE ENTITY EVER!

The world is always evolving towards more value, adapting to all manner of disruptions, focusing on people, customers, providers, workers, stakeholders (because that’s what the world is: people!), and of course, it’s not documenting itself very well, because it’s people and interactions that make the world evolve.

When I look back at my own Agile journey, I can see that Agile was actually the “next” thing after I started to study Lean and the work of people like Deming.

The waves that lead to the future!

Agile, in other words, was the next step for Lean (in software development).

There’s always a next wave of improvement and change coming. It’s inevitable. What we need to think about, as the Agile community, is how we want to be part of that next wave.

I believe that the change that Agile started (in software) will continue, and will take many different shapes and impact our businesses in many different ways. I can’t predict what they are, but I want to contribute to those changes being discovered, and communicated world-wide!

This is why I’ve started working on an event for you, Agile Catalysts out there. Both those that want to promote and share ideas, as well as those of you who want to create new ideas.

It’s communities that create, and share ideas that change the world. We always build on each other’s work, and create new ideas from that sharing. I want to help our community benefit from this sharing, and have a platform to find like-minded people, who believe that Agile will change the world of work, in many, and unpredictable ways.

So, I’m hiring for this event. I’m hiring someone that wants to be part of this journey, and wants to make an impact in the world.

Here’s the mission description. Read it through, leave your comments, make suggestions, and let’s build a better version of this job description together.

Are you the Agile Change Catalyst we are looking for? Let me know!

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