Agile Seminar in Helsinki

Last evening (March 17th) we had the third Agile Seminar arranged by Lasse Koskela (correction: I should also mention that many other people were involved in the organization of the seminar, indeed they were, and a big thanks to them also for this great event!)

Three talks, one of them by yours truly (The role of team building in Agile projects), one by Sebastian Nykopp (Test Automation in Agile Development Today) and one by Joseph Pelrin (How Agile Works: Complexity and Agility).

I’d like to think that all three talks were good, but I will not comment on mine out of pure modesty ;).

Sebastian’s talk about how they use JUnit, Wicket, Selenium and FitNess was a definitely good technical talk, and it left me with a burning want to use those tools and see how we could automate even more the development of our web-application.

Joseph’s talk was a relaxed introduction to a field that he is bringing into the Agile community: Social Complexity. This talk opened a lot of avenues for improvements in my own approach of managing an Agile team or a team that wants to go Agile. Good stuff, and a lot of stuff to think about!

If you attended the seminar leave your comments in the Agile Finland wiki.

Looking forward for the next one!

PS: during the days that follow I’ll try to put here a collection of articles that describe some of the key points of my presentation.

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  1. Just a small correction: I didn’t organize the seminar alone! A lot of work was put in by other peeps at Reaktor and don’t forget that you yourself, Vasco, contributed along the way as well 😉

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